Mylar Solar Products That Power Our Future

Mylar solar products give you as a homeowner the ability to produce clean and renewable energy coming from the sun and at the same time enabling you to keep energy savings each month. Mylar came about in the mid years of the 1950s by the DuPont Teijin Company in Hopewell, Virginia. Mylar is a clear film of polyester which is not only strong but resistant to a majority of chemicals and a variety of temperatures. Mylar can be used on many applications such as electronic components, the entertainment industry and packaging materials.

In theatre, Mylar is a type of metal foil which has been laminated between Mylar sheets. The final product ends up being highly reflective such as a mirror is and at the same time it maintains its flexibility. In addition, Mylar is durable and of a light weight when compared to what a glass mirror would be. Some of the Mylar products that power your future include the transparent Mylar solar shades which are made using a three ply, 4 mil Mylar material.

A thin aluminium coating which reflects heat is laminated in between two dyed polyester sheets which reduces glare. The air space for insulation between the glass and the shade together with the metallization creates an effect similar to the thermos bottle on the windows. The transparent Mylar solar shades are a flexible duo pane and they also provide privacy during day time by eliminating inward vision from the side of the street.

Should also know that Mylar solar products are not bonded permanently to windows and glare, fading and heat can be controlled when it is quite sunny. You can roll up the shades when a full light is required. The transparent Mylar Solar Shades reduce the cost of air conditioning, which increase your comfort by ensuring that an even and comfortable temperature is maintained throughout the year and eliminates glare to the work area and this in turn reduces strain on the eyes and fatigue while at the same time it increases readability. The Mylar solar blanket is able to reflect 90% of body heat in case of an emergency. They have a light weight and are compact and this makes it easy for you to carry it around.

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