Solar Power Hip Packs

Home information packs is a legislation that makes it obligatory for home sellers to provide certain information when putting their property on the property market. This helps to minimize the property sales which fall through. Since the introduction of solar power home introduction packs or HIPs in August 2007, they have caused a rouse in the market and there have been clashes in opinions between those people who hate or love the idea of HIPs and its contents. However, the introduction of HIPs has had major implications on energy efficiency and environmental viability of many homes.

The energy power certificate (EPC) is a very significant part of solar energy hip pack. This certificate is compiled information following a home inspection by professional energy inspectors and the energy certificate gives a full report of your home’s energy efficiency. A-rating is the most efficient energy while H-rating is the least energy efficiency. The certificate also comes with some personalized recommendations for you as a home owner to improve the energy efficiency in your home. Most common recommendations include; installing roof or wall installation, draught, excluding windows and doors of a home and replacing old or single gazed windows with double glazed ones.

Before your home goes to the property market, you need to put together your solar energy home information pack. Then your estate solicitor or agent will link you to a HIP service provider of their choice or you can look around then choose your own qualified HIP service. This HIP provider has a very important role of organizing your energy evaluation inspection. On the other hand, home sellers who are braver can put the pack together themselves. If you are one of them, then you will have to organize with an energy inspector to do your EPC evaluation, but you will submit the results to the local authority yourself.

The additional cost of solar energy HIP packs can be as a result of the big number of the HIP packs available in the industry, which is the main reason for the current weakening of property market. Today, the packs are here to stay and sellers and buyers should use solar energy hip packs to their own advantage especially in terms of making homes greener and for energy efficiency. If you are a home seller, EPC always offers practical advice on the best way to improve the rating of energy at your home. Bad energy rating can probably affect your selling price, so it is more advisable to put in place the recommendations given by your energy inspector before selling your property. This will increase your sale potential.

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